La Terra Seducente

Disponibile, dal 30 novembre, il nuovo progetto multimediale di Andreina Polo con le musiche di Marco Giaccaria.

Andreina Polo & Marco Giaccaria | La Terra Seducente

La Terra Seducente is an experimental project with a conceptual background. The tonality of the music is directly determined by some frequencies found in our territory: the Susa Valley, near Turin.
So we have made a sort of (pagan) Oratory, with all instruments tuned with A in 432 Hz.
Some pieces are Rock, other ones are Afro and Lounge Jazz-like, with the extraordinary featuring of Cheikh Fall on kora and a little bit of Scotland…
Great dancing music for all!

The musicians are:
Andreina Polo, all vocals
Marco Giaccaria, flutes, violins, guitars, bouzouki, keyboards…
Claudia Fassina, drums and all percussions
Francesca Maccarrone, double bass
Cheikh Fall, kora
Riccardo Taccardi, French bagpipe