Marco Giaccaria: NOMAD (2013)

Ecco qui… dopo la chiusura del sito Mininova, dove risiedevano alcuni miei lavori in scaricamento gratuito, tramite file Torrent, ho iniziato a ripubblicarli per renderli di nuovo disponibili su Internet Archive:

Buon ascolto!

ASCOLTI_29 / Rahsaan Roland Kirk

Zitti tutti… ascoltiamo il Sommo: respirazione circolare, flauto nasale, flauto traverso con bordone… e tutto senza perdere minimanente in musicalità. Chapeau!

Roland Kirk ( 1936-1977)
Preferring to lead his own groups, Roland Kirk rarely performed as a sideman, though he did record with arranger Quincy Jones, Roy Haynes and had especially notable stints with Charles Mingus. His playing was generally rooted in soul jazz or hard bop, but Kirk’s knowledge of jazz history allowed him to draw on many elements of the music’s history, from ragtime to swing and free jazz. Kirk also regularly explored classical and pop music.
Kirk played and collected a number of musical instruments, mainly various saxophones, clarinets and flutes. His main instruments were a tenor saxophone and two obscure saxophones: the manzello (similar to a soprano sax) and the stritch (a straight alto sax lacking the instrument’s characteristic upturned bell). Kirk modified these instruments himself to accommodate his simultaneous playing technique. He typically appeared on stage with all three horns hanging around his neck, as well as a variety of other instruments, including flutes and whistles, and often kept a gong within reach.


Andreina Polo: Dreamland

Nuovo album di Andreina Polo, Dreamland, opera in 10 quadri. Uscito il 30 marzo, contiene 10 composizioni –  ognuna ispirata a un quadro di Andreina: musiche e testi di vari artisti… Giorgio Prever, Marco Giaccaria, Andreina Polo, Max Ponte, La Spirale, Sharadì e Kamod Raj Palampuri.

La pagina con i titoli e tutte le info la trovate qui:

Un album prevalentemente ROCK con intromissioni folk e sperimentali. Lo trovate su tutte le piattaforme digitali del pianeta, ma se lo acquistate su fate un grosso favore alla Musica Indipendente.

Andreina Polo - Dreamland (cover)

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